Mathias & Nana Aba

Invite You to Celebrate At their Wedding

Saturday, January 26 2019
Half Past Nine in the morning Bethel Methodist Church Number 2,Takoradi Reception follows at Takoradi Sports Club

Our Story


Meeting Naby was just a blessing. I have enjoyed every bit of second I have spent with her. My life with her indeed confirms "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE". How our friendship started and where we are going is just By His Grace. NABY has been Extremely supportive and I thank My stars for bringing her into my life.

I ask for God's Guidance and protection for this bold step we want to take in our lives. "Nana Aba Esuon Odum; would be Mrs Bassaw, and I want the world to know you mean a lot to me and you are such an asset in my life. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Mathias's Story

In His Time He makes everything beautiful. Mat as I affectionately call him,my true love, my bestie,my motivator,my advisor ,my everything. I met Him at KNUST campus on in August 2010,my course mate ,my study partner and my friend. He is down to earth,God fearing, a loving and a good person. I can’t help but look back at those days when we were just starting out. How we have changed over the years! It has been the happiest, most meaningful, and most unforgettable days of my life. I love you with my whole heart and I thank God for making our path cross.I bless the day I found you.

I cannot believe that we are finally taking our relationship to the next level. I am so excited to find out what life has in store for the both of us. I cannot wait to be your wife(one and only Mrs Bassaw) and show you just how better and happier our lives together could be. I love you, sweetheart!

-Nana Aba's Story


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    Emmanuel Phyll(Best Man)

    I call them lovebirds, naby n mat. a wonder woman naby, she never gets angry with him even when he offends her ; agreeable n lovable. He never raise hands or voice on her ; gentlemanlike. She never insults him ;respectful. She never lies to him ;trustworthy. I have never heard them quarrel;understanding partners. Many eyed their relationship doubtfully and thought it will not last but God being so good I have been honored the invitation to witness n share their marriage ceremony n am highly privileged

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    Jerry Sam

    Words ? I think it won’t be enough to describe you two.Have been around for while and I thank God for you two even in my life. My family for life. Jerry Sam

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    Sylvester Quist

    "My favourite class couple. In fact, our favourite class couple. When boys were eyeing Nana Aba from afar, my boy Mathias was actually working. Kwɛɛɛ!! It's beautiful to see relationships grow even stronger after school. God bless your union guys. I pray for love, peace, understanding, beautiful children, wealth and most importantly God in your marriage. Congrats, guys "

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    Essel Essilfie

    I've known Mattias and Aba for about 8 years Now. For Aba a great personality by all standards, Mathias couldn't have found a better person than her. As for mathias😂😂😂 a great brother. He's just someone who would be there no matter wat and I'm glad he's found a perfect woman to go on this journey with. I pray God blesses your union with so much success and children. And for the D-day we dey come spoil. Taadi. Orekordo

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    John Arthur

    u ve proven real love by transforming friendship to marriage. Mat was born for us "family & friend" ready to share n encourage whiles Naby accepts & beautifies. u guys are too compatible. will never 4get the 23rd dec 2018 goat light soup by her majesty Naby.

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    Having witnessed Matt & Naby grow through the various phases of their relationship is worth being proud of . Kudos -Sepham


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    Ewurama(Bride Sister)

    You two are the most amazing people I know, so there will never be a dull moment with you two. Thank you for including me in your love story.May you never grow tired of loving and taking care of each other. Keep inspiring us.Cheers to a lifetime of exciting adventures together. Best wishes and congratulations!

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    I am super excited about this journey of love. Your love story proves that we should never despise small beginnings and that it is very possible to marry your May your home be blessed always. With Love Esi.

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    So i first met this couple at my mum’s shop, they came to buy something from us. They were too close that initially I thought they were siblings😃😃. I got to know they were dating when they invited me to Aba’s birthday party. We instantly became friends, the first day i met them💃this should tell you a lot, this friendship is forever. I am so happy i met them, because they have impacted a a lot in my life. To the Mr n Mrs💃💃

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    I have known Aba since our first year in secondary school. She is a loyal, faithful and true friend. She is sometimes very stubborn (persuasive) when she wants things to go her way....( always pulling me to join the scripture union back in our secondary school days)...that I will never forget about her. But most importantly she is sweet, nice and has the biggest heart ever...!!!!

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    Woooow! The D-day is finally here. Really glad to be part of ur journey in making this day a reality. # My life coaches. "hey, Joana what did u do ". May the Almighty God bless ur union. Love you guys!

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    Friends are very easy to find but very good ones are hard to keep. Naby and I happened to work in the same institution some years ago and that was how our friendship started. She is someone you can call a sister and an adviser (she makes you feel you are a child). When Naby says my “sweetheart” then you should be very smart to know who she is talking about. I happened to meet the sweetheart (Mathias), and I realized my sister was madly in love. I know with the favour of God on their side this bold step of marriage they have taken would be manifested to His glory. I cnt wait to witness this day. Finallyyyyyyyyy!!!


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